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# SpaceVaders
A Simple Space Invaders'ish game written in modern Python

## Overview
~50KB of clean modern Python code.
Sold with source code.
No complicated ini-files.
As you can modify the source code as you wish.
Or learn from its source code.

## Requirements
- Python 3.8+
- Pygame 2.0+

## Usage
Play: `python3.8 spacevaders.py`
Or just:  `make`

Or on Unix-like systems do:
`chmod +x spacevaders.py` then just `./spacevaders.py`

## Install Python3.8+ and pygame2.0+:
Download and install python3.8+: `./configure && make && make install`
Install pygame2.0+: `python3 -m pip install pygame==2.0.0.dev6`

## Help
- [MOUSE] Move around
- [MOUSE-BUTTON-1] Shoot
- [P] Pause
- [ESC] Exit

## Updates
1.2 -> 1.3:
- Stylistic changes
- One more enemy
- Much harder now

## License
Game: Is all yours.
Source code: Private: You can modify the source code for your needs. But you can't distribute it in anyway !


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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